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Quiet Study Room

The library has two quiet study rooms which are made available for group study that necessitates quiet conversation or for those patrons who wish to be in an isolated environment. The quiet study rooms may be used only by adults or people of high school age. The rooms may not be used for socializing or to conduct for profit business activities of any sort, including tutoring. Use of the quiet study rooms is available to both Springfield residents and non-residents.

Advance sign up for a quiet study room must be done in-person at the library and may be done no sooner than two calendar days in advance of when the patron wishes to use the room. Two hour blocks of time will be made available for sign up, beginning when the library opens and continuing through the library’s regular schedule of hours; because the library is open an odd number of hours each day, the last block of time available at the end of the day will be for a period of one hour. At the time of sign up, patrons may not sign up for more than one block of two hours per each of three consecutive days shown on the signup sheet.

When a person is more than thirty minutes late for a time slot that he or she previously registered for, the entire remaining time slot will be considered to have been forfeited. Telephone requests by patrons to hold a time slot beyond thirty minutes will not be honored, regardless of the reason for the delay. If the room is not already being used by another patron, upon arrival at the library, the patron who had originally registered for the time slot may use that quiet study room for the remainder of that time period.

When arriving at the library to use a quiet study room, patrons are required to first present themselves at the reference desk to sign in and to show a current photo ID. Consumption of food or beverages in the quiet study room is not permitted and the rooms may also not be used either for the purpose of making extended phone calls or for the purpose of making a series of shorter calls. At the discretion of the Library Director or his/her designee, patrons found to be violating any of these rules will be asked to vacate the quiet study room and may be restricted for a period of time from further access to the rooms. When necessary, the library may reserve in advance one or both of the quiet study rooms for library sponsored activities.

Adult patrons who would like a quiet study area may also find an appropriate work space inside the Donald B. Palmer Museum during those times when no other activities are taking place inside this space.

Approved November 21, 2019 by the Library’s Board of Trustees